• Things You Must Know to Rent an Office in Jakarta

    Office in Jakarta is a popular demand amongst entrepreneurs, both local and foreign. In recent years, the amount of foreign investment in the country increases constantly. Therefore, the need for office is higher. The option for office locations also varies within the city. Some entrepreneurs prefer to work from Central Jakarta, while others prefer to work in the hub of West Jakarta.


  • Why APL is Deemed as the Best Location to Rent an Office?

    The best location to rent an office in Jakarta can generally be seen from the busy business areas of the city. When discussing business areas, it is natural to think about Central Business Districts. In Jakarta, one of the most popular CBD areas lies in the western part of the city. In the heart of the area is APL Tower, a premium grade A office building.


  • Importance of Private Office to PT PMA

    The importance of private office to PT PMA is quite crucial. To run a business in Indonesia, entrepreneurs must register their company in a business address. For a foreign company, a private office is perhaps the best choice. Why so? Not only does an office suite provides a place for the employee and entrepreneur to work it also suffices as an office domicile.


  • Business Efficiency Using Private Office

    Entrepreneurs should start to consider using private office for their office operations. Around ten to fifteen years ago, the idea of renting a private unit is still common. This is because the development of technology and the internet is not yet as advanced as today. A company still needs to employ large numbers of employees to run its operations.

    Today, with the growth of the internet and technology, efficiency is at the core of every company operations. Everything is simplified. For instance, instead of waiters delivering plates of sushi, restaurants invest in mini trains to deliver orders to the tables. Instead of hiring extra staffs to man the cashier, supermarkets invest in self-checkouts. With the same idea, instead of renting a shophouse or office unit, it is much more efficient and simpler to rent a private office.


  • Increase Efficiency With Private Office

    Importance of Efficiency During the Pandemic

    A lot of businesses suffers from the pandemic and had to look for ways to increase efficiency to survive this trying time. Due to restrictions, the public becomes reluctant to engage in social activities. People no longer visit public facilities and choose to stay at home, living more frugally. Money circulation in the economy slows down along with the decline of products and services demand. Companies suffer enormous loss from the lack of customers and are either forced to change their business model or file for bankruptcy.

    To reduce losses, companies must find ways to increase efficiency. Efficiency in a business becomes the key for companies to survive. (more…)