Entrepreneurs should start to consider using private office for their office operations. Around ten to fifteen years ago, the idea of renting a private unit is still common. This is because the development of technology and the internet is not yet as advanced as today. A company still needs to employ large numbers of employees to run its operations.

Today, with the growth of the internet and technology, efficiency is at the core of every company operations. Everything is simplified. For instance, instead of waiters delivering plates of sushi, restaurants invest in mini trains to deliver orders to the tables. Instead of hiring extra staffs to man the cashier, supermarkets invest in self-checkouts. With the same idea, instead of renting a shophouse or office unit, it is much more efficient and simpler to rent a private office.


Society behaviour too has changed. People are now economically driven and are used to living communal life. Be it for transportation, hotel services, residence, or even office use. The reason is that communal services are both affordable and also serves their purpose. For instance, using private office in MESO gives the company all the premium office services and facilities at a much lower cost.


The company does not need to invest time and money to do office setup. They do not need to trouble themselves with facilities maintenance as well. Moreover, the monthly fee also includes cleaning and receptionist service. The office also includes a meeting room service for the company to use.

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Using private office is not only beneficial for the company renting it. It is also beneficial for the employees of the company.

1. Networking

Employees are given the chance to expand their networking beyond the industry they work in. In a private office, there are more than one company renting the place. The company could either be a local or even a multinational company. This gives the chance for employees to learn more about other industries and build networking in the business world.

Furthermore, not only other tenants using private office, employees are also given the exposure to get to know virtual office clients. Virtual office clients usually visit the office either for meeting purposes or hosting seminars. These events are a good chance for employees to get to know more people.


2. Easy Access

A private office is usually located at a premium grade building. This means that the office is easily accessible by public transportation and are closely located to shopping facilities. Having easy access to public transport makes it easier for employees to get to the office every day. Employees do not need to go through various troubles getting to the office

Especially if the employee is working in a metropolitan city like Jakarta. Getting to the office would be a challenge as public transport does not cover all areas of the city. If the company were to rent a private office at a premium location like at MESO, it will be very convenient for employees.

3. Convenience

The other advantages that employee can benefit from using private office are a convenience. The private office that is located in a premium location is located close to malls and apartments. Therefore, employees who need to procure things can easily access shops after office hour. Moreover, being located next to a mall also makes it easier for employees to find restaurants or café to enjoy during lunch breaks.

Also, premium office building connected facilities also mean that facilities like clinics and banks are easily accessible. Furthermore, premium office buildings hire professional security companies to ensure safety. These benefits are very convenient for employees that work in a company that is using private office in a premium location like MESO.