• Business Efficiency Using Private Office

    Entrepreneurs should start to consider using private office for their office operations. Around ten to fifteen years ago, the idea of renting a private unit is still common. This is because the development of technology and the internet is not yet as advanced as today. A company still needs to employ large numbers of employees to run its operations.

    Today, with the growth of the internet and technology, efficiency is at the core of every company operations. Everything is simplified. For instance, instead of waiters delivering plates of sushi, restaurants invest in mini trains to deliver orders to the tables. Instead of hiring extra staffs to man the cashier, supermarkets invest in self-checkouts. With the same idea, instead of renting a shophouse or office unit, it is much more efficient and simpler to rent a private office.


  • Motivation: Definition and How to Have It

    Defining Work Motivation

    The definition of motivation is the process where people are driven to commit actions to complete their goals. The important key to motivation is to have the will to do the necessary work to achieve the goal. To maintain motivation is to experience the satisfaction of completing the goal. The feeling of accomplishment will result in a boost of confidence which will bring more motivation.

    In a working environment, having motivation is very important to employee performance and to the company wellbeing. It is important for a team leader to provide a reachable and clear goal to the team members. Through understanding the goal, the team members may develop motivation. With proper encouragement from the team leader, the team members will find satisfaction in their work. This satisfaction will lead to feeling more motivated.


  • Bisnis Kuliner 2021

    Saat ini bisnis kuliner terutama yang dijalankan secara online semakin banyak diminati dan diincar para pengusaha. Baik yang memulai usaha nya dengan mendirikan brand bisnis sendiri maupun yang membeli franchise yang kini bertebaran dimana-mana. Para pebisnis ini meyakini bisnis kuliner akan sangat menguntungkan, dikarenakan makanan maupun minuman merupakan kebutuhan pokok bagi semua orang. Bisnis kuliner online menjadi salah satu jalan aman yang dipilih bagi para pebisnis pemula. Hal ini dikarenakan modal yang dibutuhkan lebih kecil, resiko yang lebih kecil, namun bisa mengejar omset yang cukup besar.