• Setting Up A Virtual Office In Jakarta

    Setting up a virtual office in Jakarta can be easily done. In the past five years, the virtual office has become one of the most popular choices for entrepreneurs. There has been a significant increase of new providers in the city as suppliers try to meet the demand. Entrepreneurs look to virtual office to find an affordable and efficient solution for their businesses.


  • How To Set Up A Private Office MESO

    What does it mean to set up a Private Office?

    To set up a private office is to rent an office suite that is exclusively meant for the company. The company renting a private office only needs to pay the monthly rental and deposit fee to use the office. Renting a private office also allows the company to gain access to other office facilities like lounge and meeting room.

    Before getting an office, companies must be sure to find a reliable provider. Companies must look out for service quality, facilities, and flexibility. Not all pricy suite office means it’s the best choice. The same applies to cheap office suites. Cheap office suites will most likely compensate for the services and facility provided.

    It is also worth remembering that applying a business address is quite complicated. At some providers like MESO, there are legal services that could assist in the matter. Therefore, it is very important to look for the right provider. Once the provider is set, the company can proceed to set up a private office with them.


  • Business Efficiency Using Private Office

    Entrepreneurs should start to consider using private office for their office operations. Around ten to fifteen years ago, the idea of renting a private unit is still common. This is because the development of technology and the internet is not yet as advanced as today. A company still needs to employ large numbers of employees to run its operations.

    Today, with the growth of the internet and technology, efficiency is at the core of every company operations. Everything is simplified. For instance, instead of waiters delivering plates of sushi, restaurants invest in mini trains to deliver orders to the tables. Instead of hiring extra staffs to man the cashier, supermarkets invest in self-checkouts. With the same idea, instead of renting a shophouse or office unit, it is much more efficient and simpler to rent a private office.


  • Motivation: Definition and How to Have It

    Defining Work Motivation

    The definition of motivation is the process where people are driven to commit actions to complete their goals. The important key to motivation is to have the will to do the necessary work to achieve the goal. To maintain motivation is to experience the satisfaction of completing the goal. The feeling of accomplishment will result in a boost of confidence which will bring more motivation.

    In a working environment, having motivation is very important to employee performance and to the company wellbeing. It is important for a team leader to provide a reachable and clear goal to the team members. Through understanding the goal, the team members may develop motivation. With proper encouragement from the team leader, the team members will find satisfaction in their work. This satisfaction will lead to feeling more motivated.


  • Must Know Company Set Up Tips In Indonesia

    Company Set Up In Indonesia

    Many foreign companies are looking for a company set up in Indonesia. Indonesia’s promising economic prediction has led many foreign companies to show interest in the market. Despite the pandemic, the country’s Gross Domestic Product is still expected to rise. As a country with abundant natural resources, the country has a wide range of available industries. It is no wonder that the country is the leading economy of the Southeast Asia region.

    The Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board is constantly looking to attract more foreign investment in the country. More foreign investments in the country will further help to boost the economy. Nevertheless, there are several strict requirements to be met by foreign companies.

  • Increase Efficiency With Private Office

    Importance of Efficiency During the Pandemic

    A lot of businesses suffers from the pandemic and had to look for ways to increase efficiency to survive this trying time. Due to restrictions, the public becomes reluctant to engage in social activities. People no longer visit public facilities and choose to stay at home, living more frugally. Money circulation in the economy slows down along with the decline of products and services demand. Companies suffer enormous loss from the lack of customers and are either forced to change their business model or file for bankruptcy.

    To reduce losses, companies must find ways to increase efficiency. Efficiency in a business becomes the key for companies to survive. (more…)

  • Business Trend In 2021 For Office Rental

    Renting office space and office address has lately become an interesting business trend. Office rental could be the best solution for entrepreneurs that are looking to run their business but is still constrained by operational budget. Through renting a private office or office address, entrepreneurs can run their business activities from a prestigious office with complete facilities, like any large corporates.


  • Office Rental In Jakarta, Consider These 6 Points!

    Jakarta offers various opportunities for many people, including for developing businesses to grow well slowly but surely. This makes Jakarta a perfect ecosystem for business to grow and for the Indonesian economy to thrive. Recently, a lot of businesses have started to grow post-pandemic hit. Existing businesses that survive the pandemic are starting to recover slowly. At the same time, new businesses are starting to emerge. These businesses are looking for office rental in Jakarta to do their operations.


  • Virtual Office For Your Business

    6 Type of Business That Need Virtual Office

    A virtual office is one of the most interesting options available for entrepreneurs due to its capability of reducing company operational costs and budget. In addition, users can adjust their needs based on the available facilities in virtual office packages. A virtual office also brings simplicity for entrepreneurs looking to register their business or company. Therefore, a lot of businesses have started to shift to a virtual office. This is most prominent for small businesses in the startup and small enterprise (UMKM/UKM) sectors.