• How To Start A Foreign Business in Jakarta?

    To start a foreign business in Jakarta is perhaps one of the popular choices for companies to expand their market reach. This is especially true for businesses that initially operates in a developed country. By bringing their technology and knowledge, there are a lot of opportunities in Jakarta. This is evident by the number of foreign companies operating in the country.

    Indonesia is one of the developing countries that have a lot of potentials. The country has rich natural resources with relatively low costs and much labour. Moreover, the country is a developing country, which means that opportunity exists. Any products and services which requires low technology have a chance to thrive. These reasons make it lucrative for entrepreneurs to start a foreign business in Jakarta.


  • Find a Suitable Office Space for Rent in Jakarta

    Suitable office space in Jakarta is not an easy find. Especially in the past recent years, there is an increase in office providers. This office provider ranges from the most conventional shophouses and office unit to the more modern options like a private and virtual office. All of these alternatives are popular for entrepreneurs looking to find a place for their operations.


  • Foreign Investors Step Up Business in Jakarta

    Foreign investors in Jakarta has grown in number over the past decade. The variety of opportunities that the city presents ranges in different industries. The industries range from the technology-based industry like the digital sector to labour-based industries like factories. Moreover, the recent hype on valuation business models in the country brings more foreign investors to Jakarta. They hope to make use of the developing society to create a profitable business.


  • Could Your Business Benefit From a Virtual Office?

    Benefit from a Virtual Office is often the question when an entrepreneur is deciding to rent the service. The virtual office itself is sometimes mistakenly known as a service very similar to a co-working space. It is, in fact, a wrong understanding. To make it easier, picture a co-working space as a local library or a university library. However, unlike a usual library, it is the section in the library where visitors get to talk and discuss. (more…)

  • Investors Point of View On Business During COVID Pandemic

    Business during COVID pandemic is not promising until today. At the first rolling of the vaccine, the numbers of positive patients show a promising future. The data shows that more patients recover from the disease as the number of deaths decreases. Soon after, the business world starts to feel a slight breeze as people begin to slowly return to normalcy. However, post the national holiday in May, the number skyrockets and the country is once again in an emergency state.

    In a day, the number of positive patients passes through 7500. Citizens of Jakarta once again panic as the government is unable to distribute the vaccines fast enough. The implication of this mismanagement brings a negative impact to the business world as well. Spending in the economy decreases as the citizen prefers to save due to the uncertainties.


  • Virtual Office Assistant To Help Your Business

    A virtual office assistant is one of the services that office providers have. Other services are mostly in the form of facilities that helps to support business activities. These facilities and services come in different packages that clients can choose from. Certain package includes the most basic services like office address. Other packages are much more complete with meeting room facility access as well as dedicated telephone number.

    However, among all the facilities, virtual office assistant becomes the highlight as it is the most important. It is the function that allows entrepreneurs to work from anywhere. They are the backbone of the service itself.


  • Virtual Office Rental to Improve Business

    Virtual office rental is very helpful to aid businesses, be it a small scale or a large scale company. The service itself represents the zeitgeist of the current era; efficiency and mobility. Through renting the service, companies will be able to enjoy office facilities that will help to increase efficiency. At the same time, those facilities also allow employees to work from everywhere.

    The service itself is an office address rental. In a city like Jakarta, a company must register their business in the appropriate business zone. Entrepreneurs who use their residential address may risk penalty or business license invalidation. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to register their business in a green zone or business area.


  • The Best Office for PT PMA in Indonesia

     Office for PT PMA is one of the main concerns for foreign companies establishing their presence in the country. Be it a representative office or a limited company, having an office is part of the requirements. However, renting an office is not a simple decision. There are several things that companies need to consider before choosing an office.


  • Details on PT PMA Operations in Indonesia

    PT PMA operations in Indonesia have to abide by the local regulations. The regulations function as both a guideline as well as a law to keep companies from committing illicit activities. As a guideline, these regulations help companies to know which obligations they need to fulfil before operating in the country.


  • Importance of Private Office to PT PMA

    The importance of private office to PT PMA is quite crucial. To run a business in Indonesia, entrepreneurs must register their company in a business address. For a foreign company, a private office is perhaps the best choice. Why so? Not only does an office suite provides a place for the employee and entrepreneur to work it also suffices as an office domicile.