The kind of office that you need depends on the entrepreneur and the business. Some entrepreneur prefers to work mobile while some other don’t. Then again, it also depends if the nature of the company allows the entrepreneur to work remotely. For instance, if the entrepreneur works as a representative office, then a physical office is a must. On the other hand, if the entrepreneur is doing a digital marketing service, they only need an address to register their business.

With those considerations, the two best solutions for office selections are; a virtual office and a serviced office. These two options are recommendable for entrepreneurs as they present an affordable and efficient solution. Regardless of the selection, entrepreneurs do not have to go through a troublesome process to acquire an office address or place. Furthermore, the office location is usually an easily accessible one.  

Kind of Office that Maintains Office Sustainability

To determine the kind of office to choose from, entrepreneurs must create a list of requirements. These requirements must consider the facilities that are crucial for the company to sustain and grow. For example, to sustain a business, a company must have a legal entity. To have a legal entity, a company must have a business address. In a city like Jakarta, not all addresses are available for business.

The city is divided into several colour-coded zones. These colours represent the allocation of the location. For instance, a green zone is for general business, and a yellow zone is for industrial areas. If a business does not comply with the zoning rules, it may face penalties or even a risk of losing its permit. Therefore, it is important to set the right foundation to sustain the business.

One of the benefits of using a virtual or a serviced office is the accompanying legal service. While those services give either a business address or a place to work, the legal service will help with company setup. Not only company setup, but they can also help with changing a business address. Moreover, if the entrepreneur needs to apply for certain permits, legal services can also help.

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Growing the Business

When it comes to growing a business, for sure the business must make a profit. Making profit translates to successfully selling their goods and services. To do that, aside from an effective marketing plan, the company will also need supporting facilities. The providers that have these facilities are the best choice for entrepreneurs.

One of the most important facilities is a front desk facility. Through renting a virtual or serviced office, entrepreneurs no longer need to hire a receptionist. The front desk team from the official service provider will handle the task. They will be responsible for mail and call handling, forwarding the calls to designated numbers. The receptionist will also greet visitors and potential clients when they visit.

Moreover, by renting a virtual or serviced office, entrepreneurs can also access the meeting room facility. Along with the meeting room itself, there are also supporting facilities. These facilities include a writing board, projector, LCD Screen, a webcam, as well as HDMI cables. Entrepreneurs can use the meeting room for various purposes like holding a seminar, training centre, and boardroom meeting. Thus, making a virtual and serviced office the best kind of office for businesses.

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