Virtual office rental is very helpful to aid businesses, be it a small scale or a large scale company. The service itself represents the zeitgeist of the current era; efficiency and mobility. Through renting the service, companies will be able to enjoy office facilities that will help to increase efficiency. At the same time, those facilities also allow employees to work from everywhere.

The service itself is an office address rental. In a city like Jakarta, a company must register their business in the appropriate business zone. Entrepreneurs who use their residential address may risk penalty or business license invalidation. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to register their business in a green zone or business area.

Furthermore, a virtual office isn’t just an office address per see. Usually, a service provider will also offer various facilities and services that support business activities. These services and facilities are a part of the product package.

Virtual Office Rental to Create Efficiency

Using a virtual office is one step towards gaining efficiency. In the past, companies must hire a lot of people to work a certain function. However, with the progress of technology as well as society’s appetite for improvement, it is no longer the case. Today, a single person can work two to three functions. Also, employees can work from anywhere with the presence of Wi-fi access. This further pushes virtual office to be a great solution for businesses in pursuit of efficiency.

– Importance of Efficiency in a Business

Business must learn to be efficient to increase their profit potential. Efficiency in a business itself translates to operating at a minimum cost whilst gaining optimum profit. If a business is unable to operate efficiently, then it will affect the sustainability of the company. By utilizing virtual office facilities, companies will be able to operate efficiently. Virtual office provider will provide an office address and a receptionist service. Thus, companies can focus on production, finance, and marketing.

– Development of Internet and Accessibility

With the development of the internet, businesses have also shifted to digitalizing their products and services. The digitalisation of things also prompt companies to compete for accessibility digitally. The more physically and digitally accessible a company is, the easier it is for the company to reach a wider market. However, becoming accessible might require a large budget in marketing advertisement. Therefore, virtual office rental is a good option. The price of virtual office rental is affordable. At a trustable and professional provider like MESO, the cost is less than $1000 for a year worth of rental. This price has included all the premium facilities.

– Application of Kaizen in Virtual Office Rental

The term efficiency is often not very far from the discussions about Kaizen. Kaizen, in a very simple explanation, is the strive for improvement. Through striving for improvements, businesses will be able to be ahead in the game. Continuous improvements will also result in good end-product or services. One of the ways to apply Kaizen is through virtual office rental. A virtual office will allow the employee to work from anywhere while at the same time provides in-house office assistance. Therefore entrepreneurs can focus on Kaizen.

Facilities that Improves Business

Most facilities of virtual office rental can help a company to improve their business. The facilities that the service provides includes services such as dedicated telephone number, call forwarding and note-taking, as well as mail and handling packages. The provider also provides a receptionist to handle all services. Moreover, there are also facilities like office domicile to register their business. This is perhaps the most important facility for businesses. Virtual office rental at MESO also includes a meeting room complete with projector, writing board, webcam, as well as highspeed internet.

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