6 Type of Business That Need Virtual Office

A virtual office is one of the most interesting options available for entrepreneurs due to its capability of reducing company operational costs and budget. In addition, users can adjust their needs based on the available facilities in virtual office packages. A virtual office also brings simplicity for entrepreneurs looking to register their business or company. Therefore, a lot of businesses have started to shift to a virtual office. This is most prominent for small businesses in the startup and small enterprise (UMKM/UKM) sectors.

Do All Business Needs Virtual Office?

The answer is no. Not all businesses need a virtual office. There are several business sectors that are not suitable to use virtual office services. What these businesses needs are a place or a private office to work and to manage their team from. In that case, what sort of businesses are able to utilize virtual office to fulfil their business operational needs? Here are several lists of businesses that need virtual office:


  1. Lawyer

Working in the law field especially as a lawyer will require the lawyer to be mobile, moving from one courtroom to another. A proper meeting room will also be essential for lawyers. Lawyers usually require a place to be able to give counsel to their clients. A virtual office with access to the office will be able to provide these flexibilities. Virtual office facilities including receptionist service allow lawyers to maintain a professional image and delivers confidence to their clients by showing that their office is in fact a “permanent office”. Moreover, a dedicated telephone number also helps portrays professionalism as the lawyer will give the impression that the office is in fact a legitimate entity. With a virtual office, lawyers can work from anywhere.


  1. Non-Profit Organisation

Non-profit organisations have a large need for field members to work outside of the office, as their activities focus on extending their service to as many needy people as possible. Also, most non-profit organisations have a limited budget for office spending. Budgets are used efficiently and fully for charity purposes. Therefore, non-profit organisations are usually unwilling to spend big budgets for nicer office suites. This is why a virtual office is perfect for these types of organisation. A virtual office provides complete office facilities to its users at an affordable price.


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  1. Small Enterprise or start-up

As a newly formed business, there is a lot of planning that is needed to ensure that the business can take off smoothly and sustain its activity. By using a virtual office, entrepreneurs can decrease their costs while at the same time benefits from a strategic and prestigious business address. A prestigious and strategic address can give a lot of advantages to small enterprises and start-up businesses. As a new company, earning a good reputation may come in a little handy. However, by using virtual office along with its prestigious address, the business will be able to deliver a professional, legal, and legitimate business image, and hence, earning trusts from clients. These reasons by themselves show that small enterprises and start-up companies need virtual office service.


  1. Counselling Service

Counselling services requires a comfortable room for clients. The work process is often done in a private room, especially during intensive sessions. Instead of renting an office or suite with a pricey fee, it is much more recommended to utilize virtual office services. Besides the efficient rental cost and available consultant service, by using a virtual office, the availability of office services and facilities will also increase the client’s trust in the business and the company itself.


  1. Realtor (Immovable Property Broker)

Most brokers spend their time working outside of the office area to meet with clients. Therefore, a realtor is one of the businesses that have a strong need for a virtual office. The company can still enjoy a prestigious office address for their business at a very low cost. Moreover, a prestigious address indicates that the location is easily accessible, making the realtor trustable by clients. Also, accessible locations make it easier for the brokers to meet their clients. The receptionist team which are provided by the virtual office provider will also ensure that the daily office needs like mail and call handlings are taken care of. This facility will further provide the brokers with more convenience to do their business activity.


  1. Accountant

Renting a virtual office is also very beneficial for accountants during the busy fiscal year-end. During this season, accountants are usually busy going over various financial reports. The mail and package handling service are perfect to ensure documents are received and sent on time. Accountants can also utilise the meeting room facility to meet with clients or to simply work on their book keepings. Moreover, having their office located at a popular location makes it easier for clients to visit.


Virtual Office can support various businesses through their facilities. Users are encouraged to make use of the facilities as optimum as possible. MESO provides virtual office services that could be a great solution for your business operations. If you need a virtual office service, contact us at our e-mail address.