Virtual Office for rent has a lot of alternatives in Jakarta. Since the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of providers. These providers initially start with coworking services but soon changes their business model to virtual office providers. The companies are usually from both local and foreign companies.

The new increase in these new players brings about various changes. For one, the price of a virtual office for rent has become too vast. Before the entrance of the new players in the market, virtual office providers chooses locations based on their prestige. Today, a lot of virtual office providers are not even in the business areas of the city.

As clients, it is important to pay attention to this location factor. In Jakarta, there are zoning locations in the city. This zoning determines which areas are available for businesses and which areas for residential. If an entrepreneur mistakenly registers their business in the wrong zone, they may lose their business permit.

Virtual Office for Rent and Companies

Determining the suitable virtual office option for companies is not difficult. Companies and entrepreneurs need to base their selection on their business needs. It is easier to separate a business need into two; operational and budget. For operational needs, entrepreneurs need to find the best option to let their business operate optimally. On the other hand, budget need translate to determining if the virtual office for rental fee is worth the facilities.

In terms of operational and budget needs, entrepreneurs need to focus on efficiency. Efficiency helps to guide the company to operate optimally. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to be able to weigh the benefits of selecting a certain virtual office. To do that, they need to consider several factors which are; location, facilities, and price.


– Location in Jakarta

A location of a virtual office provider helps with building a brand image for their client. For instance, companies using a virtual office for rent in a prestigious location is bound to have a good image. As the core of the business is trust, entrepreneurs need to portray a positive image of their business. Prestigious location shows that the company is professional and has the foundations to stand as a strong company.

Some of the locations that are popular for companies are Central Business Districts. For example, APL Tower-Central Park on West Jakarta. This office tower is a premium grade A building with easy access to highways and public facilities.


– Facilities in Virtual Office for Rent

Virtual office for rent usually comes in different packages. A professional virtual office provider like MESO usually does this to make it easier for entrepreneurs. The packages usually differ in facilities and price so that entrepreneurs can adjust them to their needs. For the simplest package, usually, consists of a domicile letter and basic operation facilities. On the other hand, the complete package usually consists of more facilities.

The facilities in the complete package are arranged to meet the needs of established companies. Therefore, within the package are facilities like dedicated telephone numbers, call forwarding, mail deliveries, and such. The services are there to ensure that the company does not miss important calls or messages. This makes the complete package popular with experienced companies.


– Worth of Price

As mentioned before, entrepreneurs need to determine the worth of virtual offices for rent. This is done by comparing the price and the facilities they gain. For instance, renting a cheap virtual office may be beneficial for their costs. However, if the location is not accessible and the facilities are inadequate, it is not worth it. On the other hand, a pricier virtual office in a good location and complete facilities is worth the money.

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