Virtual Office for Business is perhaps one of the most affordable means to meet the requirement of a company set up in Jakarta. Many virtual offices in Jakarta offers a good location. However, it is important to get a virtual office in a premium, or at least a Grade A office building. According to the Jakarta Post, the rate of grade A and premium office tower occupancy remains high in the second quarter of 2019. They believe that the relatively stable occupancy rate is due to the flexible payment terms. This leads to a stable occupancy despite the pandemic still ravaging across the nation. 

Jakarta Post also states that office space demand during the pandemic is mostly by industries least affected by the economic turmoil. Those industries are the financial sector, e-commerce, food and beverage, and insurance. Nonetheless, the unstable world economy has also changed the behaviour of companies. Instead of a long-term lease, most companies opt to shorten their rental lengths from five to three.

Furthermore, companies are also actively looking for a way to stay efficient but effective. One of the ways is to utilize technology as a means to reduce unnecessary costs. For instance, the growth of technology allows remote working and using a virtual office. People no longer need to come to the office daily to be able to do their work. Plus, data and information transfer is done through the internet. Therefore, business operations are not compromised by much. 

Virtual Office for Business and How to Find Them

An entrepreneur must operate legally while maintaining a relatively low cost to compete in the Indonesian market. To comply with the legal regulations, the company must have a company decree and an office address. To have a company decree, the entrepreneur must first establish a company. This process needs time and a trustable service provider. Entrepreneurs who wish to incorporate a company in Indonesia can contact MESO for professional assistance.

As for the office address, not every address is available for company incorporation. In Jakarta, certain areas have different purposes. Therefore, entrepreneurs must find a business address in a minimum of Grade A or Premium Office Building. Entrepreneurs also need to look out for traffic restrictions and access. Certain parts of Jakarta require an even or odd plate number depending on the date. 

Another thing to look out for is the surrounding facility of the office tower. If the office tower is a standalone building, the supporting facilities might be limited. Hence, it may pose a potential problem in the near future. For instance, when the need to procure office equipment, daily necessities, or even to send and receive packages arrives. Thus, it is highly recommendable to observe the office tower surroundings for supporting facilities. This is also the reason why MESO Serviced and Virtual Office which is in APL Tower is popular with virtual office users. 

Business and Remote Working

Virtual office for Business may allow businesses to apply a remote working. Especially amid this pandemic, many companies prefer to follow the government regulation to social distance. Even though in certain areas the restrictions no longer apply, many companies find remote working more effective. Some claims that employees find it more comfortable to work from home, and a happy employee results in better performance. 

Thus, if companies decide to operate remotely it is advisable to use virtual office services. Not only is the rental fee very economic, but the service is also complete with various office service facilities. Depending on the package, companies renting the service may be able to get access to a meeting room and its facilities, dedicated telephone number, or call forwarding services. Companies that have the interest to see the packages can head to or send MESO a text on +62812-1315-4189 (Whatsapp).