• How do Covid-19 Affect Micro Businesses in Indonesia?

    Micro Businesses in Indonesia experience many negative impacts ever since the COVID-19 pandemic strikes hard on the country. The government sets partial lockdowns to get control over the virus spread. These partial lockdowns only allow the essential business to operate fully while others must operate with the minimum employee or stop their operations. With the pandemic dragging on, the Micro Businesses begins to die down.

    Micro Businesses in Indonesia and their Struggles

    Unfortunately for the country, Micro Businesses in Indonesia occupies the majority of business entities in the country. When the pandemic hits Indonesia, many businesses struggle to sustain the bleak economy. The bad economy has forced many entrepreneurs to close their companies, which increases the unemployment rate.

    Furthermore, the population no longer engages in active buying and selling, which causes a stagnant economy. To give incentives for the people to spend, the government tries to disburse aid funds to Micro Businesses. The plan is not working as the covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage the country. Day by day, more businesses continue to close down as more people are left unemployed.

    Furthermore, the government has also imposed a rule to stop export and import. While the government means well by this regulation, it affects microbusinesses badly. Companies that rely on trading their goods can no longer continue their activity. The businesses are forced to stop their operation since they cannot compete in the market. Furthermore, the buying market that was once a large pool is now a small pool with too many fishermen.

    The Impact Towards the Economy

    With the largest business proportion facing a direct hit, the country’s economy plunges further. As the Micro Businesses in Indonesia faces a rapid decline, larger businesses also face the threat of bankruptcy. Multinational companies begin to shut down their operations one by one. Small and medium companies, that managed to sustain their business for the first year of the pandemic begins to be shaken down.

    Unlike microbusinesses, the government does not extend aid funds to those businesses. One by one they disappear and the number of unemployed increases even higher. The deaths of these companies result in an oversupply of human resources as jobs are declining, demands are much lower than supplies, and poverty level skyrockets. It is a nightmare for any economist.

    To add salt to the injury, the Indonesian government does not have enough funds to support their local businesses. Unlike other neighbouring countries, to support the local economy, their government provides subsidies. The businesses that experience profit loss during the pandemic receives subsidies from the Government. These aids allow companies to run and the economy to sustain at a certain level.

    Solution for Businesses in Indonesia

    On the other hand, Indonesia is facing a larger socio-economic problem. The people have become restless from the ongoing pandemic and the lack of income. More people fall to starvation. The only way for everything to return to normal is if the country and its people can beat the virus. To do that, there is a huge need for cooperation between the government and its people. The government needs to handle medication, vaccines, and the health system correctly while the citizens must obey the rules and regulations.

    If both parties manage to uphold their parts, Micro Businesses will be able to bloom again. That means a decrease in the unemployment rate and an increase in spending. This situation will be beneficial to the whole economy of the country.

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  • How to Start a Business in Indonesia

    To start a business in Indonesia requires a lot of preparation to be made. Before engaging a company setup service, entrepreneurs must determine the kind of business they want to do. Entrepreneurs cannot change their decision about the business model after the company is established. This is because Indonesian law states that each company can only have five business codes. These codes will determine which industries the business can do.


  • What Kind of Office That You Need to Pick?

    The kind of office that you need depends on the entrepreneur and the business. Some entrepreneur prefers to work mobile while some other don’t. Then again, it also depends if the nature of the company allows the entrepreneur to work remotely. For instance, if the entrepreneur works as a representative office, then a physical office is a must. On the other hand, if the entrepreneur is doing a digital marketing service, they only need an address to register their business.


  • What to do: Choosing a Serviced Office or Virtual Office?

    Choosing serviced office or virtual office may be one of the biggest considerations for entrepreneurs looking to acquire a business address. These two options are the modern solution for office rental as they are affordable and simple. Entrepreneurs get to enjoy a variety of office facilities without having to worry about office setup.


  • Kelebihan Virtual Office di Masa Covid-19

    Pandemi Covid-19 yang saat ini terjadi, membuat kita semua harus mengurangi kegiatan diluar rumah. Hal ini kita lakukan untuk mengurangi pertumbuhan dari penyebaran virus tersebut. Banyak kegiatan bisnis yang tertunda dikarenakan pandemi saat ini. Dengan menggunakan jasa virtual office bisa memudahkan kegiatan bisnis yang tadinya sempat tertunda. Untuk kelebihan dari virtual office akan kami jelaskan pada halaman berikut ini ya. (more…)

  • Virtual Office for Rent in Jakarta and Considerations

    Virtual Office for rent has a lot of alternatives in Jakarta. Since the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of providers. These providers initially start with coworking services but soon changes their business model to virtual office providers. The companies are usually from both local and foreign companies.

    The new increase in these new players brings about various changes. For one, the price of a virtual office for rent has become too vast. Before the entrance of the new players in the market, virtual office providers chooses locations based on their prestige. Today, a lot of virtual office providers are not even in the business areas of the city.


  • Pengertian Virtual Office yang sedang Tren

    Virtual Office atau Kantor Virtual meruapakan sebuah kantor usaha yang saat ini sedang menjadi tren dikalangan pebisnis khususnya para pemula. Kebanyakan dari mereka yang memiliki perusahaan baru lebih memilih menggunakan kantor virtual sebagai perusahaan mereka. Keadaan seperti pandemi ini pula yang membuat penggunaan kantor virtual meningkat. Sehingga banyak penyedia jasa sewa kantor virtual yang memasarkan produk mereka. Pada kesempatan kali ini kami akan memberikan informasi terkait dengan pengertian Virtual Office, simak selengkapnya pada halaman berikut ini.


  • Virtual Office Sebagai Solusi Domisili Usaha

    Mengoperasikan suatu bisnis memanglah mudah, bisa dimana saja dan kapan saja. Namun kita harus mempunyai legalitas ketika ingin menjalankan suatu bisnis. Apabila ingin mengurus sebuah legalitas tentu kita harus mempunyai domisili untuk perusahaan kita. Saat ini di Jakarta, rumah atau tempat tinggal sudah tidak dapat dijadikan lagi sebagai alamat domisili perusahaan. Dengan adanya peraturan ini banyak pengusaha yang sudah menggunakan rumah tinggal sebagai domisili usaha kembali harus mengubah perizinannya dan mengganti domisili perusahaan dengan alamat baru.


  • Meningkatkan Kredibilitas Perusahaan dengan Kantor Virtual

    Kredibilitas perusahaan merupakan hal penting yang didapat oleh sebuah perusahaan melalui kepercayaan dari klien, mitra, serta pelanggan. Bagi seorang pengusaha sebuah krebilitas adalah salah satu masalah yang diperjuangkan agar dapat bersaing dengan usaha besar lain yang telah berkembang lebih dulu. Salah satu cara untuk meningkatkan kredibilitas perusahaan anda ialah dengan menggunakan kantor virtual. Bagaimana bisa kantor virtual meningkatkan kredibilitas perusahaan anda? Simak selengkapnya pada halaman berikut ini. (more…)

  • Virtual Office Assistant To Help Your Business

    A virtual office assistant is one of the services that office providers have. Other services are mostly in the form of facilities that helps to support business activities. These facilities and services come in different packages that clients can choose from. Certain package includes the most basic services like office address. Other packages are much more complete with meeting room facility access as well as dedicated telephone number.

    However, among all the facilities, virtual office assistant becomes the highlight as it is the most important. It is the function that allows entrepreneurs to work from anywhere. They are the backbone of the service itself.