• Things You Must Know to Rent an Office in Jakarta

    Office in Jakarta is a popular demand amongst entrepreneurs, both local and foreign. In recent years, the amount of foreign investment in the country increases constantly. Therefore, the need for office is higher. The option for office locations also varies within the city. Some entrepreneurs prefer to work from Central Jakarta, while others prefer to work in the hub of West Jakarta.


  • Virtual Office for Rent in Jakarta and Considerations

    Virtual Office for rent has a lot of alternatives in Jakarta. Since the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of providers. These providers initially start with coworking services but soon changes their business model to virtual office providers. The companies are usually from both local and foreign companies.

    The new increase in these new players brings about various changes. For one, the price of a virtual office for rent has become too vast. Before the entrance of the new players in the market, virtual office providers chooses locations based on their prestige. Today, a lot of virtual office providers are not even in the business areas of the city.


  • Find a Suitable Office Space for Rent in Jakarta

    Suitable office space in Jakarta is not an easy find. Especially in the past recent years, there is an increase in office providers. This office provider ranges from the most conventional shophouses and office unit to the more modern options like a private and virtual office. All of these alternatives are popular for entrepreneurs looking to find a place for their operations.


  • Could Your Business Benefit From a Virtual Office?

    Benefit from a Virtual Office is often the question when an entrepreneur is deciding to rent the service. The virtual office itself is sometimes mistakenly known as a service very similar to a co-working space. It is, in fact, a wrong understanding. To make it easier, picture a co-working space as a local library or a university library. However, unlike a usual library, it is the section in the library where visitors get to talk and discuss. (more…)

  • Virtual Office Assistant To Help Your Business

    A virtual office assistant is one of the services that office providers have. Other services are mostly in the form of facilities that helps to support business activities. These facilities and services come in different packages that clients can choose from. Certain package includes the most basic services like office address. Other packages are much more complete with meeting room facility access as well as dedicated telephone number.

    However, among all the facilities, virtual office assistant becomes the highlight as it is the most important. It is the function that allows entrepreneurs to work from anywhere. They are the backbone of the service itself.


  • Virtual Office Rental to Improve Business

    Virtual office rental is very helpful to aid businesses, be it a small scale or a large scale company. The service itself represents the zeitgeist of the current era; efficiency and mobility. Through renting the service, companies will be able to enjoy office facilities that will help to increase efficiency. At the same time, those facilities also allow employees to work from everywhere.

    The service itself is an office address rental. In a city like Jakarta, a company must register their business in the appropriate business zone. Entrepreneurs who use their residential address may risk penalty or business license invalidation. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to register their business in a green zone or business area.


  • Using Virtual Office is the Solution for Office Domicile

    Using virtual office is one of the most effective solutions to acquire office domicile. A virtual office is a service that allows clients to rent an office address without actually renting a physical office. The client’s business will be officially registered in said address. Through using a virtual office, companies will also be able to utilize the many office facilities.

    In a  provider like MESO, the facilities are provided with business support in mind. The facilities allow clients to utilize the meeting room which includes projectors, highspeed wi-fi, LCD screen, writing board, and webcam. Furthermore, clients can also welcome their customers in the lounge area where beverages are free.


  • The Benefits of PT PMA for Indonesian Economy

    The Benefits of PT PMA in Indonesia is a lot. It is also the reason for the Indonesian government’s decision to create more incentives for foreign investors. The recently introduced Omnibus Law is one of the examples. The law heavily stresses incentives to welcome more foreign investments to the country.


  • Setting Up A Virtual Office In Jakarta

    Setting up a virtual office in Jakarta can be easily done. In the past five years, the virtual office has become one of the most popular choices for entrepreneurs. There has been a significant increase of new providers in the city as suppliers try to meet the demand. Entrepreneurs look to virtual office to find an affordable and efficient solution for their businesses.


  • Virtual Office Sebagai Pemenuh Kebutuhan Berbisnis di 2021

    Sudah setahun lebih dunia dilanda dengan wabah virus Covid-19. Wabah ini muncul pada akhir tahun 2019 dengan kasus pertama di negara China. Adanya wabah ini membuat tingkat perekonomian di dunia mengalami penurunan drastis terutama di Indonesia. Selama pandemik, pemerintah Indonesia mengharuskan seluruh warga negaranya melakukan aktivitas hanya di rumah saja karena untuk mengurangi tingkat penularan dari virus tersebut. Baca selengkapnya pada halaman berikut