Finding an office in Jakarta is a good start when an entrepreneur is planning to start a business in Jakarta. The metropolitan city is home to about 10,9 million people and is the capital city of Indonesia. With the country’s positive economic growth through the years, it is no surprise that foreign companies are interested to invest in this city. Aside from the relatively cheaper labour, Indonesia is also an emerging market with opportunities.

The business opportunities present in the country varies in terms of industries. Industries like tourism, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, mining, and manufacturing are some of the popular choices for foreign investments. Nonetheless, as the local economy develops, more industries are open to foreign investments. The government also understands the local economy’s need for foreign investment to boost the economy.

To put their plan in action, the government recently introduces new laws regarding company establishments. In this new regulation, instead of partial ownership, foreign companies can fully own a PT PMA (foreign direct investment) in Indonesia. Moreover, the requirements for the business permit is also much simpler. The most important thing to do is to establish a company in Indonesia.

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Finding an Office in Jakarta

Finding an office in Jakarta is the base requirement for establishing a company in Indonesia. Without the domicile letter, the government will not issue the business permit. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to decide on the best office for their company. In Jakarta, there are several things to look out for when selecting an office.

  • Finding Office in Jakarta with Good Location

To determine a good location, an entrepreneur must first understand the city. Jakarta has multiple business districts. One of the best options is the West Jakarta business located at APL Tower-Central Park. The reason is that the area is very easily accessible. Even with the odd-even restrictions, many roads lead to the office area.

Plus, the business district in West Jakarta is right next to a shopping area and residential area. It makes it easier for entrepreneurs to purchase the products or services they need and to find a suitable place to stay.

  • Suitable Price and Budget

When finding an office in Jakarta, entrepreneurs must also be careful to set a certain budget. In certain areas in Central Jakarta, the price may be very expensive. This is because the area was the first business district in the city. Nonetheless, with the growth of the city, entrepreneurs have more options to pick.

Plus, entrepreneurs must also be cautious of the relationship between budget and quality. If entrepreneurs push for a cheaper price, then they cannot expect a good facility and quality. In turn, entrepreneurs need to have a good judgement on their worthiness. Rather than asking themselves if the price can be lower, they should be asking if the price is worth it.

  • Service and Facilities

As mentioned above, the barometer to measure if a product and price are worth it is through weighing the price and the service or quality. For finding an office in Jakarta, entrepreneurs need to pay attention to the service and facilities. An office that offers a pricy rental fee does not necessarily mean it has good service and facilities.

Therefore, entrepreneurs must visit the office and observe the service given to clients. They also need to ask detailed questions about the facilities. Some offices charge extra fees for every small additional service and facility. To avoid that, entrepreneurs need to make sure of the prices they need to pay.

  • Office Options

In general, there are two kinds of office selection; an office with no physical space or an office with a physical room. In the past, renting a whole office unit or a shophouse were the only choices. However, as companies begin to turn to efficiency, they prefer offices with less hassle. Moreover, with the development of the internet, more companies are shifting to online meetings rather than personal meetings.

For an office with no physical room, entrepreneurs usually use virtual office services. A virtual office allows entrepreneurs to register their business at the office address. However, the entrepreneur is unable to work physically from that address. In this case, entrepreneurs usually work from home, in cafés, or in apartments.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs who need to work from an office will usually opt for a serviced office. A serviced office is beneficial for entrepreneurs finding an office in Jakarta because the rental fee also includes furniture, office services, maintenance and utility fee, and a dedicated phone number. That way, entrepreneurs don’t need to waste time on office setup.

Entrepreneurs finding an office in Jakarta can rent a virtual office or serviced office in MESO Serviced and Virtual Office. Aside from the prime location, MESO has been providing office services to their clients since 2013. There are also legal services and tax services that help to support clients in need of company establishment or tax reporting.