Virtual Office for PMA

Virtual office for PMA is a possible option for foreign entrepreneurs looking to expand their business in Indonesia. As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, investing in Indonesia can be a good opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs. According to the Ministry of Investment, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, foreign investment numbers increased by 8% compared to 2019. This increase in number is mostly due to foreign investments in the transportation, warehouses, and telecommunication sectors.

The article also stated that the top five foreign investors in 2020 were Singapore, China, Hongkong, Japan, and Malaysia. This can serve as an indicator of Indonesian investment conditions. For reference, these five countries mainly invest in the industries related to energy, infrastructure, property, agriculture, and livestock. Their investment preference shows that the Government’s plan to increase income through the energy industry is in line.  

Aside from those five industries, other industries may be interesting for foreign investors. Some popular industries are tourism, trading, and the digital technology industry. The tourism industry in Indonesia has a high probability to improve after the covid-19 pandemic. The local government has also been focusing on building more tourism destinations outside of Bali and Java island. As for the trading industry, Indonesia has a lot of natural resources and art crafts that are imbued with cultural values. Those products have a high demand in foreign countries. The digital industry has been thriving in the past few years. With 270 million, the online marketplace becomes one of the most successful businesses in Indonesia that can touch all socioeconomic levels of the people. 

Virtual office for PMA Establishment

Virtual office for PMA establishment has been a favourite choice in recent years. Five years ago, this service was not accessible for PMA establishment as the local government required foreign-owned companies to invest in a physical office. However, around three years ago, the regulation changed and the service became available to foreign-owned businesses. Nonetheless, there are still restrictions for business sectors. For instance, physical office space is still a requirement for both local and foreign-owned companies in the construction sector.

The change in regulation is most likely due to the Government’s need to increase the country’s income through foreign direct investment. All foreign investors will more likely invest in Indonesia if the process is simpler and transparent. Hence, the current license application permits are trackable through an online system. Foreign business expansion to the Indonesian market will be helpful to Indonesia. Foreign money will enter the local market and foreign companies can provide job opportunities for the local workforce. Plus, there is a possibility of a knowledge transfer from the foreign entity to the local workforce. Considering all these benefits, using a virtual office for PMA establishment is now legal in Indonesia. 

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Using a virtual office for PMA establishment allows foreign companies to gain their local business domicile, acquire bank accounts, and conduct sales activity. The process to set up the company will not take long as it depends on the entrepreneur and the type of business. Therefore, foreign entrepreneurs must prepare all the necessary documents before renting a virtual office for a PMA establishment.

Benefits for Entrepreneurs

Renting a virtual office brings many benefits for foreign companies looking to expand their businesses in Indonesia. In Indonesia, a business domicile is essential for company establishment purposes. Therefore, a virtual office is a much more affordable option compared to shophouses or an office unit. Furthermore, a virtual office usually comes in different packages with varying facilities and prices. At MESO Virtual Office, the complete package also includes a dedicated telephone number and a call forwarding service. This service allows entrepreneurs to work from anywhere without missing a single call. 

Another benefit of a virtual office service is the receptionist service. Regardless of the virtual office package, a provided receptionist service will help manage all the incoming mail and packages. Depending on the virtual office package, the receptionist will also take calls, forward them, and take notes for the clients. They will also inform clients if there are any incoming mails or packages. If there is a need to, the receptionists will also help deliver the mail and package to the clients’ desired address. The receptionist service allows entrepreneurs to focus on sales activities without worrying about office administrative tasks.

Furthermore, a virtual office provider like MESO Serviced and Virtual Office is at APL Tower. This office building is a premium grade office tower. This location plays an important role in the accessibility of the business. A virtual office for PMA will not be functional if it is located in a remote area. A premium location will give easy access and paints a reputable image of the business. Furthermore, APL Tower is right next to Central Park Mall, several residential apartments, and a 5-star Hotel.