Setting up a virtual office in Jakarta can be easily done. In the past five years, the virtual office has become one of the most popular choices for entrepreneurs. There has been a significant increase of new providers in the city as suppliers try to meet the demand. Entrepreneurs look to virtual office to find an affordable and efficient solution for their businesses.


Most companies that use virtual office are usually companies that could work remotely. Especially with the recent growth of the internet and technology, a working place is not always necessary for all businesses. In the past, sellers are it goods or food needs a shop to showcase their product. Today, the existence of an online marketplace allows them to have a virtual shop so they no longer need a physical shop.



There are various benefits of using a virtual office in Jakarta. This is especially true for entrepreneurs that value efficiency for their business operations. A virtual office allows entrepreneurs to work from anywhere at a low cost. Not only that, entrepreneurs that use the facility is entitled to various office facilities.

Facilities like meeting room, lounge, as well as mail and call handlings are also provided. Therefore, entrepreneurs can save costs in office setup. When they need to meet a client or is having a video conference, they can use the meeting room at the virtual office provider’s place. That way, the company will be able to retain a professional image while simultaneously working on an efficient budget and operations.


Using a virtual office for office purposes in Jakarta offers a lot of flexibility to the users. Entrepreneurs are able to register their business in a premium office location in a central business district. This premium location is not only prestigious but also accessible. These advantages give convenience to both entrepreneurs and clients.

Furthermore, there is also the call forwarding and dedicated number service. These two services allow the entrepreneur to own a dedicated office number. Calls from clients to said number will be picked up by the receptionists of the virtual office provider. The receptionists will answer the call greetings based on the company.

They will then take note of the messages or forward the number to designated numbers. The designated numbers can either be the entrepreneur’s personal mobile number or other numbers. With this facility, entrepreneurs do not need to worry about missed client calls. Wherever they are, the calls will be picked and messages delivered.



Choosing a virtual office in Jakarta may be a bit confusing as there are a lot of options. For one, it is important to find a trustable source. Some providers like MESO are considered the pioneer of these services in Indonesia. It is recommended to find an experienced company with good service. Some new providers may offer very cheap prices.

However, cheap prices can be misleading. Not only will it compensate the service and facility, if the provider cannot cover their cost and ends up bankrupt it will be very troublesome. Virtual office client will have to find another virtual office provider and make changes to their company decree. These address changes in the company decree or even name cards may not cost a lot but it will surely be troublesome.

Therefore, finding a stable company with extensive experience is very important.



Setting Up A Virtual Office In Jakarta

Setting up a virtual office in Jakarta is easy. In a provider like MESO, there are five easy steps to follow. Here are the steps:

  1. Contact MESO

To acquire more information, it is advisable to contact the provider. MESO can be reached from both their official website or through their Whatsapp number +6281213154189. It is even better if entrepreneurs can visit the office and observe the service and facilities.

  1. Discuss with MESO Your Needs

    Once in contact with any of the provider marketing team, make sure to explain your needs. This way, the marketing team can recommend products that may suit their needs. Also, be sure to ask about the facilities as well as the office hours.

  2. Receive the Best Offer

    Usually, the marketing officer will offer several virtual office packages. Make sure to read the details and confirm the price. Unlike MESO, some providers try to obscure the facilities and prices so they could charge hidden fees. Make sure to study the offer before making payment.

  3. Make Payment

    The next step after studying the offer is to make payment. Don’t forget to inquire about tax, either it’s inclusive or exclusive. Make sure not to miss the invoice date in case there are special monthly promotions. Late payments may cause the monthly promotion to be obsolete.

  4. Sign the Agreement

    The final step is to sign the agreement. The agreement is important to protect both the renter and the provider’s right. Entrepreneurs must be sure to read all the clauses, terms, and conditions carefully.

If you are interested to rent a virtual office in Jakarta, MESO is here for you. Get your very own fully furnished serviced or private office and virtual office at MESO. Visit us on our website or send us an e-mail for more information.