MESO Virtual Office is suitable for business in Indonesia. The company was first established in 2013 and has been providing office services ever since. From a recent survey with the clients, the company understands that their high-quality service is their strongest point. MESO understands that assisting and supporting clients is the main concern. 

For those unaware, MESO Serviced and Virtual Office is an office service provider based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company is known for providing an A to Z service, aiming to bring convenience to entrepreneurs. Some of the well-known services are office rentals like virtual offices and serviced offices. Other popular services are company establishment, legal consulting, and meeting room rental. 

The company currently has three locations; two in the West Jakarta area and one in the North Jakarta area. For the West Jakarta location, MESO is in APL Tower – Central Park. APL Tower is known for being an integrated and prestigious central business district of West Jakarta. On the other hand, their North Jakarta branch is at Maspion Plaza where it is right across a large shopping area popular with businesses.

MESO Virtual Office for Local Companies

MESO Virtual Office is perhaps the most popular service within the range of MESO products. The virtual office service and its facilities are beneficial for local companies both new and ongoing. New companies usually prefer a cost-effective alternative for offices as they are still gauging the market condition. They also have a lesser need for proper office space because they have a limited number of employees. 

In general, companies require a proper office space to create a more conducive environment for fellow employees to communicate. However, if the company operates in smaller teams, then an office space may not be necessary. They only need an office address to register their business and a receptionist to handle their front desk tasks. Therefore, a virtual office with its relatively low rental cost is suitable for new companies. 

Also, for ongoing companies, some industries require the team to work in a production site. Nonetheless, to maintain their permit, the business must have a legitimate office address. To ensure that the company meets the requirements, MESO virtual office is the perfect solution. Companies do not need to spend a lot to maintain a business address at a premium office building. Plus, they can also save money on hiring administration staff to handle their calls and mailings.

Our Services for Foreign Business

Even though most foreign businesses usually prefer to rent a serviced office, MESO virtual office is also suitable for foreign companies. Foreign companies that have no fixed asset investments usually prefers virtual office. However, this is not applicable to all foreign companies. Some industries require foreign companies to have a physical office in an office tower. Or, some foreign entrepreneurs prefer to work from their apartments but need an office address for corporate legal purposes. Having a virtual office will allow them to work from their apartments while maintaining their company legality.

Other foreign companies use MESO Virtual Office as a more affordable alternative to having a business address. The function of this business address is not only for legal purposes but also to receive their mails and packages. Furthermore, they can also make use of the meeting room facility for board meetings or the like. Renting a virtual office supports the business legality and operations of the company. 

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