Setting up a PMA Company in Indonesia may be a little confusing for foreign national entrepreneurs. The regulations regarding company incorporation are sometimes unclear. Therefore, finding a trustable service provider is crucial. One of the trustable providers is MESO. The company has been running since 2013 and have assisted numerous entrepreneurs in setting up a foreign direct investment company.

Basic Information of PMA Company

Before setting up a PMA Company, it is important to understand the definition of PMA itself. PMA Company stands for Perusahaan Modal Asing or foreign direct investment company. Any entrepreneurs who hold a foreign passport who wants to do business in Indonesia must register as a foreign direct investment company.

Setting up a PMA Company also requires the entrepreneur to invests in the company. This investment requirement is one of the government’s way to keep fake foreign companies to do illicit operations in the country. A required investment will help the government to filter the companies and determine their seriousness in doing business in the country.

Another thing that needs to be prepared is the organizational structure of the company. While preparing for the company establishment, PMA Company must submit identification documents which are essential to produce the company decree. Moreover, they must also state the details of each shareholder’s holding in the company.


Common Misinformation

There is a lot of misinformation about foreign companies in Indonesia. Most foreign entrepreneurs are not aware that there are significant differences between PMA Company and local company. Although both companies may have the title Persero Terbatas (Limited company), there are limitations that set them apart. For sure, local companies must consist of local shareholders only. Companies with foreign shareholder must register as a foreign direct investment company.

Furthermore, PMA Company does not have full ownership for all types of industries. Some industries have to limit the ownership of foreign companies to a certain percentage. This is also part of the government’s regulation to give local companies a chance to compete with foreign companies. In addition, partial ownership also allows local companies to gain experience from working with the more experienced foreign companies.


Setting up a PMA Company

There are several steps before setting up a foreign direct investment company in Indonesia. If using a trustable provider like MESO, these steps are generally similar for all sorts of providers.

  1. Contact MESO through website or through our Whatsapp number +62812-1315-4189
  2. Inform the marketing team of your needs and your plan so that they can offer the right services.
  3. Get an official offer from MESO
  4. Make payment
  5. Sign the agreement
  6. Submit the documents required
  7. Get your official company documents

If you are interested in setting up PT PMA or a foreign direct investment company in Jakarta, feel free to contact MESO. Plus, get your very own fully furnished serviced or private office and virtual office at MESO. Visit us on our website or send us an e-mail for more information.