Suitable office space in Jakarta is not an easy find. Especially in the past recent years, there is an increase in office providers. This office provider ranges from the most conventional shophouses and office unit to the more modern options like a private and virtual office. All of these alternatives are popular for entrepreneurs looking to find a place for their operations.

In general, office selection depends on the needs of the business. Some businesses prioritise budget, facilities, prestige, or even exposure. Depending on the business types, in the past, usually, entrepreneurs choose shophouses for exposure and affordability. On the other hand, office unit is more favourable by businesses that value prestige and has more budget.


Suitable Office Space Criteria

In the current time of IoT (internet of things), business no longer seeks exposure through physical means. Digitalisation has made online presence a necessity for businesses. People no longer look through yellow pages but rather through search engines. This allows businesses to operate from anywhere.

Nonetheless, an extremely remote location is also not suitable for all kinds of business. As the core of the business is trust, a lot of businesses needs to build a trustable image to garner potential customers. One of the easiest ways to find the most suitable office space is by relying on certain criteria. Here are the criteria:


–      Operational Budget

Like any other purchases, entrepreneurs running a business needs to consider the budget when renting a suitable office space. If budget is the main issue of the company, then it is worth considering renting a virtual office. Professional virtual office providers like MESO is an optimal solution for these businesses.

Using a virtual office will also allow an entrepreneur to register their business in an office location while working from elsewhere. At the same time, the facilities that service providers have will support daily operations. For instance, mail and call handlings as well as call forwarding. With those facilities, entrepreneurs can work from anywhere without missing any important calls or packages.

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–      Suitable Office Space and Prestige

Other criteria to determine a suitable office space is prestige. Depending on the company, if the business requires a good reputation then a prestigious office location is vital. A strategic and prestigious office location represents a professional image and easy access. Moreover, not only office location but a premium grade A office building is also important.

In this case, a private office or serviced office is the solution. By renting a private office, an entrepreneur will gain access to a suitable office space. Plus, a private office can help with operations efficiency. Through paying the monthly rental fee, entrepreneurs gain access to an office suite exclusively for the company. Moreover, this office suite is fully furnished and is equipped with high-speed internet and an IP Phone system.

Furthermore, a private office provider like MESO’s location is in a premium grade office building. This means that the building has good office facilities. This translates to easy access to public facilities, professional security, hygiene location as well as easy crowd access. Easy crowd access gives the business an opportunity to gain exposure.


–      Considering Office Facilities

Entrepreneurs also need to consider office facilities before renting suitable office space. Certain businesses need to be in a specific zone to operate. It is important to ensure that the zoning system that the government sets does not interfere with business. Therefore the safest bet is to get an office location in the green zone business area.

Next, if the business is running efficiently in small numbers of people it is good to choose a private office. That way, the company does not need to invest a lot in assets. Whenever they choose to move, they can move without trouble. Also, they will be able to get facilities like receptionists, daily cleaners, and managers to maintain facilities.

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