Effective communication in the office is very important to ensure there is no misinformation. In general, many small problems eventually develop into serious problems because of a lack of good and effective communication. The same thing happens in large companies. Whether communication is top-down or vertical, every member of the company must be able to improve effective communication skills in the office.

Especially in the digital era where communication is an important key. The ability to communicate well is not only limited to verbal communication, but also non-verbal. The essence of the discussion must be packaged and conveyed briefly, concisely and clearly without compromising language politeness. Polite and effective communication can also provide a good image for the company.

Not only that, the communication culture in the office can also influence the work culture in a company. For example, companies whose organizational structure is horizontal usually apply more formal grammar. The use of this grammar is to get used to the existence of hierarchy in the company. On the other hand, many companies in the digital sector adopt more informal grammar but are still polite. This language style will give a more relaxed impression so that employees are encouraged to communicate openly.

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How to Communicate Fluently is Influenced by These Factors

To be able to communicate well, there needs to be a good relationship between company members. Having a sense of trust between one individual and another will facilitate discussion opportunities in the office. If there is no sense of trust then discussing and communicating becomes uncomfortable. Therefore, entrepreneurs must be able to create a comfortable working environment so that team members can establish good professional relationships.

Apart from that, in order to achieve effective communication in the office, the speaker must be able to focus on conveying the core information he wants to convey. For this reason, speakers must be able to package information briefly, clearly and concisely. The easier it is to understand, the more effective the speaker’s communication method. However, unfortunately, there are still many speakers who do not focus on the core information and in the end the discussion becomes digressive. This can cause listeners to lose interest in listening and not receive the essence of the information they want to convey.

Meanwhile, the flow of information is also very important to determine effective communication in the office. An orderly flow can help listeners stay focused on listening to the conversation. By providing regular explanations, the information can be more easily digested by listeners. Plus, the flow of the conversation is also useful as a guide for the speaker so that the discussion does not run away from the topic and ultimately ends in misinformation.

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The impact of effective communication in the office

Effective communication in the office can have many positive impacts on a business. One way is to increase creativity. By establishing a culture of communication between one member and another, the exchange of ideas will automatically occur. Company members can discuss with each other to find inspiration, so that they can know exactly the situation in the company.

Not only that, a culture of effective communication can also prevent companies from potential losses. Company employees will take the initiative to notify their superiors when there are indications of problems so that they can be handled quickly. Without a culture of open communication in the company, employees may be reluctant to tell their superiors. This incident could have fatal consequences, like the British Petroleum oil drilling disaster several years ago. Failure to communicate resulted in a major fire and the death of several refinery employees as well as huge material losses.

An effective communication culture in the office can also improve the performance of office personnel to become more efficient. For example, the time used for meetings is shorter without having to sacrifice the main discussion that you want to convey. That way, working time can be used more optimally to encourage business income. Moreover, because communicating effectively can prevent the company from having problems, most of the time can be used to encourage the company’s performance so that it can become a large company.

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