Office suites for business in Jakarta are a common requirement to jumpstart a company’s operation in the capital city. It is because most companies find it easier to solve a common problem through face-to-face discussions. However, due to the pandemic, more companies are committing to online work over the past few years. Employees are free to work from anywhere as work tasks shifts to online platforms.

Initially, this mode of working receives positive reviews as people claim to get more things done when they are in a comfortable situation. However, since two years have passed, the opinions on remote working are starting to change. Many believe a hybrid working system is preferable because certain issues need face-to-face discussions for easier communication. A   

Office suites for Business Operations

Office suites for business become the new interest as companies roll out a two-day work from office program. Within this working system, employees usually spend the remaining three days working remotely. Employees can discuss issues with their team on the two days they work from the office. The remaining three days are for tasks that are doable individually.

An office suite allows employees to rendezvous in the two days they work from the office. Although it depends on each office’s regulation, it is common for companies to let employees adjust their schedules. If that is the case, then they do not need a large office area to accommodate the whole team. If there is a need for a large team meeting, the company can simply utilize the meeting room facility. Through this logic, it is clear that companies like MESO Serviced and Virtual Office become a good solution and office alternative for both foreign and local companies in Indonesia.

Furthermore, ready-to-use office suites or serviced office includes supporting facilities such as furniture, high-speed internet, a lounge area, and a meeting room. The rental fee also includes secretarial service and daily cleaning service. Thus, companies do not need to invest in unnecessary fixed costs and infrastructures to acquire a proper working space. All they need to do is to pay the monthly rental fee.  

Best Options for Entrepreneurs

Aside from the suitability for a hybrid work setting, office suites have other benefits for entrepreneurs. The most basic and deciding factor is economical value and efficiency. In comparison with a whole office unit or shophouses, a serviced office has the better value. As mentioned beforehand, the entrepreneurs do not need to concern themselves with office setups and dealing with vendors to provide for infrastructures. They will also be free of facility maintenance issues in the future as the provider will be responsible for that. 

Another benefit is easy access for both employees, potential business partners, and clients. Providers like MESO Serviced and Virtual Office are located at APL Tower-Central Park, where the road has various highway accesses to all directions of Jakarta as well as to Tangerang. The location is in a central business district which is in the growing West Jakarta and has various facilities in its surrounding. For instance, integrated access to two shopping malls and two other shopping malls within a five-minute walking distance. The office area is also surrounded by many apartment towers, a five-star hotel, banking services, clinics, and many more.

On top of that, this office alternative also has complete facilities to support daily business activities. Entrepreneurs can enjoy a secretarial service to manage all their incoming mails, packages, as well as calls. They can also have the incoming calls forwarded to their mobile numbers should they be away from the office. The daily cleaning service at MESO is also able to assist with item collections or even procuring lunches during busy hours.

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