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Office in Jakarta

Office service in Jakarta can be a huge dilemma for entrepreneurs. As a metropolitan city, Jakarta offers various opportunities for many people. Many rural citizens decided to migrate to the Capital City to improve their socioeconomy condition. Jakarta is a perfect ecosystem for the economy to thrive. Recently, a lot of businesses have started to grow post-pandemic hit. Existing businesses that managed to survive during the pandemic are recovering slowly. On the other hand, new entrepreneurs are also beginning to emerge. The economic recovery is evident in the growing demand for offices in Jakarta. 

When finding office service in Jakarta, a strategic location is vital. An office location that is far and difficult to access will become a burden for the company operation. Entrepreneurs, staffs, and even clients have to find accessible transportation means while at the same time manoeuvre the intense traffic jam in Jakarta. It is not efficient and is draining for the office personnel. 

An integrated and strategic business location is crucial when determining an office. Jakarta has different distinctive areas. These areas offer a unique opportunity for various businesses to grow. For example, food businesses usually favour north, west, and south Jakarta. On the other hand, corporates and smaller companies commonly opt for the west and central Jakarta area. 

In short, there are a lot of considerations that entrepreneurs need to think of regarding office service in Jakarta. These are the six points that can be used as a guideline when determining the most suitable choice.

Office Service and it’s Reputation

Although this may not sound important, it will be once the business is fully running. Aside from the company name, a location is also responsible for determining its prestige. A prestigious image will positively affect a person’s psyche. Anyone associated with the company will unconsciously cultivate feelings of trustability. Trustability is crucial in creating a long term business relationship. 

Office Security

A safe working environment is worth considering when selecting an office. Entrepreneurs would not want to operate their business in an office with a high-security risk. Be it a risk of natural disaster or criminal activity, it is best to find a safe location to ensure business sustainability. At the least, offices must have double access and a 24/7 security camera. Therefore should, an unfortunate event was to happen, there will be sufficient evidence to support the case.  

Office Service in Jakarta and the Prices

Entrepreneurs need to find an office with a simple process and a transparent fee. Additional fees that appear at the end of the deal and are not under the proposed package is a major inconvenience as the entrepreneur has to pay extra fees. Therefore, before renting an office in Jakarta, entrepreneurs need to spend extra effort and time looking for options that provide a transparent fee. A quick and simple process will also help entrepreneurs to start their businesses faster. After all, money is time. 

Convenience and Efficiency

Office needs like furniture/other office supplies must be complete or at the minimum, adequately provided. This also includes electricity bills and internet access. Other supporting facilities may also be accessible depending on the office providers. Thus, entrepreneurs must look for a trustable and reputable serviced office provider. Entrepreneurs only need to negotiate the payment with the office provider before renting the fully furnished and serviced office space. 

Fair Terms and Condition

Another thing to consider before renting an office is the terms and conditions of an office service in Jakarta. Entrepreneurs must understand that a verbal agreement is not enough to secure the agreed benefits. Therefore, an entrepreneur must read through the document carefully and start by verifying the identity of both parties listed in the contract. If the details are correct, the entrepreneurs must then read the obligations of both parties carefully. They also must be sure that the price, benefits, and contract terms listed in the agreement are correct. Entrepreneurs must also ensure that they can prolong or extend their rental period once the contract is signed. Lastly, don’t forget the billings and deposits. Find out the term and period of payments. 

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With the guidelines above, entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs should be able to find a suitable office option. Nonetheless, using serviced office is greatly recommended for entrepreneurs as it simplifies the process of setting up an office while simultaneously providing a strategic office location at an affordable price. One of the best options is MESO Serviced and Virtual Office. We have provided our services to various companies both from local and international. With our eight years of experience in the field of office services, we are confident that we can provide a comfortable and convenient office service to our clients.

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