MESO Virtual Office Jakarta is one of the pioneers of office services in Jakarta and has been in the business for eight years. With the growing need for convenience and efficiency, more companies are shifting to modern office alternatives. These alternatives include a virtual office and serviced office. Entrepreneurs that prefer mobility will gain more benefits from a virtual office. On the other hand, companies that need a physical office will find serviced offices more suitable.

At MESO Virtual Office Jakarta, there are also supporting services like company incorporation, tax reporting, and business consulting. These services are helpful for entrepreneurs who are just starting their businesses. Company incorporation helps in setting up their company legalities. This service is essential for the foundation stage of a business. By using MESO Virtual Office Jakarta, entrepreneurs can have their company registered at the Capital City even if their operation is at another place. For example, even if the business is in Kalimantan, he or she can register their business in Jakarta. 

MESO Virtual Office Benefits

MESO Virtual Office has strategic locations in Jakarta that provide easy access. Currently, MESO has three branches. Two branches at APL Tower, West Jakarta and one in Maspion Plaza, North Jakarta. Both locations are very close to the shopping districts of West and North Jakarta. APL Tower connects to Central Park Mall, Neo Soho Mall, Pullman Hotel, and several apartment towers.

In addition to the strategic location, the virtual office provider also has suitable facilities to propel startup businesses to grow. For instance, MESO provides virtual office packages at different prices and facilities. The Premium package includes a dedicated company telephone number, a call forwarding service, a personalized message, a free mail delivery service and meeting room access. All MESO Virtual Office packages include a business domicile, mail and package handling service, and a front desk service.

Another benefit that entrepreneurs can get from MESO Virtual Office Jakarta is flexibility. Clients can upgrade their virtual office package mid-contract by adding the remaining fee. For instance, a client taking the Basic Virtual Office package may change to a Premium package anytime within the contract period. All they need to do is to pay the remaining fee. 

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Potential Industries for Startup

Hence, perhaps entrepreneurs may wonder what industries may be interesting for Startup companies in Indonesia. According to the Strait Times, Indonesia may experience significant economic growth of roughly 5% in 2022. In fact, according to Greenhouse. co, Jakarta is the most valuable economic ecosystem valued at $26.3 Billion. The city has also attracted the most investments at $845.9 Million compared to other emerging ecosystems. 

Thus, Jakarta is a highly potential destination for entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses. The growth of the internet economy also plays a role in the digitalization of conventional services. Today, most consumers rely heavily on multi-apps like Gojek and Shopee to acquire their daily needs. This change of buying behaviour introduces society to an internet-based lifestyle. This new habit can be a good opportunity for startup businesses to enter the internet-based industry. 

Another industry that has high expectations is the green industry. Due to the rising concerns on environmental destruction, many large companies are shifting to greener alternatives. Startup companies that can create a breakthrough innovation may have potential. Entrepreneurs must think of a way to connect marketable product that is highly useable and contributes to improving the environmental issue. For instance, developing fully biodegradable plastic substitute.

Aside from the digital and green industries, there are many other opportunities in other fields. Whichever business entrepreneurs choose to do, it is crucial to focus on the operational budget. Thus, MESO Virtual Office Jakarta is a wise solution for startup businesses. Entrepreneurs will get full office facilities at an affordable cost. Regardless of the industry, they can apply for the necessary permit with supporting legal documents. Therefore, entrepreneurs can use their time to work on their business activities without worrying over administrative tasks.