Office for rent in Jakarta has a lot of options in the Capital City. Capital City is no stranger to foreign investments and has seen an increasing number of foreign businesses. A lot of foreign companies invest in industries like factories, refineries, and mining. They also invest in service industries. To operate in the country, these companies need to choose an office for rent or buy in Jakarta.

For most companies, renting an office is the better option. It is much more efficient budget-wise and operational-wise. To ensure that entrepreneurs get the best options, one needs to pay attention to several factors. These factors are essential because they help to show which option works for the business.

Office for Rent in Jakarta and Deciding Factors

The deciding factor for office for rent in Jakarta is usually budget. It is crucial to know that cheap doesn’t necessarily translate to best buy. Entrepreneurs must be able to calculate if the fee they are paying may cover the facilities promised. If the rental price is too cheap, the office rental in Jakarta provider is likely unable to maintain good service.

Not only services, but entrepreneurs must also compare the price and the location of the office. Inaccessible location will bring future trouble for both entrepreneurs, office team, and clients. Knowing that Jakarta is a metropolitan city notorious for its traffic jam condition, it is best to find an office with an accessible location. This allows the office to be reachable through various routes without spending a lot of time stuck in the traffic.

In addition, it is also important for entrepreneurs to compare the fee and the reputation of the company. Most reputable office providers earn their good reputation from years of experience in the business. Their clients are usually happy with the service and last for years. Like MESO Serviced and Virtual Office, most of their serviced office clients are loyal clients for more than 3 years. This reputation tells that the office provider is professional and is reliable. Thus, worth the budget.

Important Facilities to Watch For

Office for rent in Jakarta is suitable for companies that do not want the trouble of company setup. By renting a private office, the company gets an exclusive suite office that is fully furnished. Moreover, the office suite is also complete with supporting facilities. These facilities include high-speed internet, a telephone unit, and an IP Phone system that can also connect to a private number. Facilities like this are important to support daily business operations.

Furthermore, renting a private office from a provider like MESO also includes services. The services can help the company to be cost-efficient as they do not need to hire extra staff. The services are receptionists service that helps with mail and package handlings, call handlings and forwarding, as well as welcoming guests. There is also a team of cleaners that helps to clean the office area and office suite daily. There is also a manager to ensure that the office facilities are always ready to use.

These office facilities are facilities provided by the office provider for communal use. This includes the meeting room facility along with its supporting equipment. The supporting equipment is a webcam, writing board, projectors, HDMI cables, etc. Aside from the meeting room facility, there is also a lounge area. As the name implies, this area functions as a place for clients to relax and network. Within the lounge area are refreshments and also simple kitchen appliances like microwave and refrigerator.

If you are interested to rent a private office in Jakarta, MESO is here for you. Get your very own fully furnished serviced or private office and virtual office at MESO. Visit us on our website or send us an e-mail for more information.