KITAS application is crucial for foreign nationals planning to work in Indonesia. For those who fell under the category, the word KITAS may be familiar. KITAS or Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas is an Indonesian work permit. The permit is only given to individuals who are registered as a workforce in a certain company. The company can both be a local or a PT PMA. 

Introduction to KITAS

 In general, there are two kinds of KITAS. The KITAS is differentiated from its length of validity. The first kind of KITAS is available for a year and need extensions every year. Whereas the second type is valid for two years and can be extended every two years. Most people choose to register for the yearly length as it is faster and easier during the application process. 

There is also another difference in KITAS. The documents and price for Chinese nationals work permit are more expensive than Non-China nationals. This is due to the high number of Chinese national workers working in the country. 

In general, all kinds of KITAS holder must leave the country after extending the work permit for 5 years. To be able to re-enter the country they must leave the country for a year before reapplying. This also the reason why most companies that hire foreign workers rotate their rosters. For instance, a foreign bank will most likely rotate its foreign national directors and managers every five years. 

 This is both for security reasons as well as to comply with the immigration regulation of Indonesia. 

Who needs KITAS?

KITAS application is necessary for any foreign passport holder who works in Indonesia. Regardless of the person is born within the country or has been living in Indonesia for a while. If the individual does not hold an Indonesian passport, they need a work permit to either do a business or work in a company. The application of KITAS requires a company to support the individual.

The reason for this requirement is to ensure that the foreign national is not illegally making a profit in Indonesia. Having a work permit requires the foreign national to pay taxes. The local government will also be able to trace the person if he or she is involved in any illicit activity. 

If an individual is only working for a short period, they do not require KITAS. For example, the individual is tasked to supervise or train their Indonesian branch for a month. Instead of KITAS, the individual should apply for a business visa. A work permit is for individuals planning to work for a year or more in Indonesia. 

KITAS Application Procedure

The procedure for the KITAS application is quite straightforward. All the applicant needs to do is to submit several identification documents including insurance proof. An individual must also be at least 27 years old to apply for the permit. On the other hand, the company sponsoring the individual must also submit several documents.

Some of the documents that they need to submit include various company identification document, the organizational structure, proof of funds, as well as proof of national insurance. These requirments make sure that the company does not have any bad records. The government must also ensure that the company is providing their employee with national health insurance and pension fund program.

Where to have my KITAS Application?

Work permits are under the Immigration Bureau. However, some various individuals and institutions offer these services. Individuals or companies need to select a trusted and legitimate service provider. There have been many cases where the individual is forced to redo their KITAS application. This is mostly because the previous service provider is not trustable and ends up as a scam. 

For that reason, individuals and companies interested to apply for the work permit can go to MESO. At MESO, not only are the service providers professional there are also other office services to support business operations. For instance, legal services that can aid in company incorporations. There are also virtual office and private office for rent. It is a one-stop solution for companies looking to expand their business or establish their business in Indonesia.