• Virtual Office for a Foreign Company in Indonesia 

    Virtual office for a foreign company operating in Indonesia is a popular choice among foreign investors. In the past, foreign investors can only operate in Indonesia if they have a physical office. The purpose of that regulation is to ensure that at the minimum foreign investors have the financial capability to rent a physical office. Nonetheless, with the growth of technology and the need to further develop the economy that regulation is no longer. 

    Currently, due to the need to push for more foreign investment in Indonesia, the government allows the use of a virtual office for a foreign company. Furthermore, the government also simplifies the regulation to establish a company (PT PMA) in Indonesia. Not only that, but the new regulation also states that foreign companies can have full ownership of more industries. These changes are in line with the Omnibus Law that focuses on attracting more foreign investments in the country.



    Finding an office in Jakarta is a good start when an entrepreneur is planning to start a business in Jakarta. The metropolitan city is home to about 10,9 million people and is the capital city of Indonesia. With the country’s positive economic growth through the years, it is no surprise that foreign companies are interested to invest in this city. Aside from the relatively cheaper labour, Indonesia is also an emerging market with opportunities.

    The business opportunities present in the country varies in terms of industries. Industries like tourism, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, mining, and manufacturing are some of the popular choices for foreign investments. Nonetheless, as the local economy develops, more industries are open to foreign investments. The government also understands the local economy’s need for foreign investment to boost the economy.


  • UMKM and PMA in Indonesia Regulation and Benefits

    UMKM and PMA in Indonesia are business terms that are recently popular due to the introduction of the company establishment regulation. The new regulation introduced in early August 2021 has significant changes compared to the previous 2020 regulation. Among the changes are the requirements for foreign direct investment or PMA to invest in the country.

    Aligning with the government’s agenda of increasing more foreign investments in the country, the new regulation aims to facilitate foreign investment in Indonesia. One of the driving forces for the government to push for this agenda is to improve the local economy. During this pandemic, the government realizes that the local economy relies heavily on imports and exports. Once borders close, businesses topple down one by one. (more…)

  • Founding Business in Indonesia with MESO

    Founding business in Indonesia is one of the favourite options for foreign investors looking to expand their business. Indonesia has an estimated 270 million population and is the largest economic powerhouse of South East Asia. With their rich natural resources, the country is known for producing mining goods and displaying a beautiful natural landscape for the tourism industry.

    Aside from the businesses that utilize the rich natural environment, the recently growing technology industry of the country is also of great interest. For example the ride-sharing company, GoJek and the marketplace business, Tokopedia. Moreover, other technology giant companies have also invested in the country. Some of the well-known ones are Shopee, Grab, and many more. The interest of these companies is a testament to Indonesia’s robust economic environment. (more…)

  • Virtual Office Legality and Advantages in Indonesia

    Virtual Office legality in Indonesia is no doubt safe. With the development of technology and the appearance of new business models, the regulations to adapt to the changes. Today, the government have set rules to regulate virtual office providers. Therefore, using a Virtual office is safe and legal as long as the providers are registered.

    The sentence above may raise another doubt of confirming the provider’s license. Simply, all a company need to do is ask. Most virtual office providers who have experience in the business is trustable. Like MESO Serviced and Virtual Office, the company has been operating since 2013 and has been providing its service to numerous clients. (more…)


    KBLI 2020 is the newest version of the KBLI that officially applies on the online system on the 3rd of August 2021. Before the change, all entrepreneurs must refer to KBLI 2017 when establishing a company. KBLI itself stands for ‘Klasifikasi Baku Lapangan Usaha Indonesia’ or otherwise, the classification for business fields in Indonesia. The function of this classification is to create standardized business categories for businesses. In turn, the standard serves as a reference for the company decree documents.

    In the newest KBLI 2020, entrepreneurs will find that there are subtle changes within the content. Although it does not apply to all sorts of industries, some undergo significant changes. It is especially true for foreign investment companies and their ownership percentage. (more…)

  • How to Start a Business in Indonesia

    To start a business in Indonesia requires a lot of preparation to be made. Before engaging a company setup service, entrepreneurs must determine the kind of business they want to do. Entrepreneurs cannot change their decision about the business model after the company is established. This is because Indonesian law states that each company can only have five business codes. These codes will determine which industries the business can do.


  • What Kind of Office That You Need to Pick?

    The kind of office that you need depends on the entrepreneur and the business. Some entrepreneur prefers to work mobile while some other don’t. Then again, it also depends if the nature of the company allows the entrepreneur to work remotely. For instance, if the entrepreneur works as a representative office, then a physical office is a must. On the other hand, if the entrepreneur is doing a digital marketing service, they only need an address to register their business.


  • The Requirement to Start a Business in Indonesia

    Start a business in Indonesia is not difficult as long as entrepreneurs have good preparation. The difficulty rate of company establishment depends on the type of industry the company is applying to. For general business purposes that require no special permit, it is relatively easy. Companies only need to prepare capital and identification documents.


  • How To Start A Foreign Business in Jakarta?

    To start a foreign business in Jakarta is perhaps one of the popular choices for companies to expand their market reach. This is especially true for businesses that initially operates in a developed country. By bringing their technology and knowledge, there are a lot of opportunities in Jakarta. This is evident by the number of foreign companies operating in the country.

    Indonesia is one of the developing countries that have a lot of potentials. The country has rich natural resources with relatively low costs and much labour. Moreover, the country is a developing country, which means that opportunity exists. Any products and services which requires low technology have a chance to thrive. These reasons make it lucrative for entrepreneurs to start a foreign business in Jakarta.