About us

The perfect setting for a BUSINESS MELTING POT
Constantly developing products to SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS

How it all began . . .

The main reason for our three original founders to create MESO in 2013 was to
meet the growing office demands from SMEs, local entrepreneurs, and foreign
companies. They also wanted to create a national company that could provide a
trusted and professional office services.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Combine the ideas

Before MESO, each founder has had vast experiences and is expertise in their own field of work. Combining their knowledge in international consultancy, business centres, to event organizing, the founders apply them into the workings of MESO to give the best service and become the best and trusted business platform. To us, our clients’ success marks our milestone. We want you to thrive and grow with us.


Our dream

Our dream and vision is to become the most prominent and trusted Service and Virtual Office provider in Asia. We understand that dreams will not be realized without efforts. So we setup missions to guide and lead us to our dream.

Our mission

Our mission starts with the utmost essentials, giving our best service to all of our clients. After all, your satisfaction and growth is a big accomplishment for us. We also want to facilitate new and young entrepreneurs to get creative and create or expand their businesses through our professional services. 


That way, it can also co-support our next mission, which is to create more job opportunities. Not everyone can become entrepreneurs but we believe that each individual has their own special skills. We aim to provide a platform for these individuals to join our family and grow with us.

Trusted by the best